Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Staycation: Day 7 --Mini Golf

For our last day of Staycation...we were planning on going swimming...but the weather did not cooperate. But, being the overplanning parents that we are, we had a backup plan.
This is our kids, being thankful that mommy and daddy are so prepared that they have an inclement weather back-up plan. Actually, this is our kids taking a Kit-Kat break on the Kit-Kat bench. But I'm sure they were also thankful for parental overplanning.
In between rainshowers, they got to play at the Harbor Pointe Mall playground...
Which was actually pretty fun.
Then, we went to one of their favorite places for lunch...Army Navy burritos. That would be the boys sort of sharing a burrito...
And then we hit the links. They just opened a mini golf course inside before our vacation, we decided it was our rainy day backup plan.
The kiddos enjoyed wasn't a hole-in-one friendly course....but they had a good time. It took a little work teaching them that full swings are not recommended on a mini golf course though...
But, for a rainy day backup worked great and the kids had a really good time. Staycation is officially over...and we now return to our regularly scheduled insanity. 

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