Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Staycation: Day 6 - Magaul Bird Park

For Day 6 of our Epic Staycation, we headed to Magaul Bird Park--- located inside Subic Freeport. 
First impressions....the entrance to the park was like running a gauntlet of bird calls.....with apparently the noisiest birds in the park on display within the first 20 meters.
But after getting past the incessant was a very cool experience--- especially for our bird-loving kids.
We got to see and feed the ostriches...
Become a bird for just a moment...well, maybe a butterfly.
Enjoy something has been a super hot summer here....anything frozen is always a good call. It just doesn't stay that way for long.
Because we homeschool-- we were able to take our vacation after everyone else went back to there was hardly anybody else there.
And, our kids were the only kids in the park...
That meant that for the interactive bird show, our bird-loving boys both got to volunteer to have trained birds get up close and personal---One of the birds took a 20 peso note out of Leif's hand,. and another bird landed on Slater's arm. They were in heaven! For the show's finale, about 100 birds fly or waddle onto the stage at the same time--- pretty cool.
That's the look of amateur ornithological ecstasy!
And, we had lunch at the the Kawayan Kitchen, which is at the same location. They cook all of your food inside bamboo. Pretty cool concept,. As you can see on the right, the rice stays inside the bamboo until you put it on your plate. 
The kids really enjoyed our Kawayan Kitchen lunch. The ambience of the restaurant left a little to be desired (pretty small and not really thematically decorated at all) We kind of expected it to be like a bamboo jungle or at least a bahay kubo--(traditional Filipino house) because of the age-old way they cook, but it was pretty underwhelming. 

It was totally worth the experience though,  just for the cool inside-the-bamboo way the food was prepared.
No complaints here...
Also included with admission is a Jungle Survival 101 class-- we were the only people there, so we all got to drink out of the jungle water vine. Kids loved it!
Our instructor showed us how to make fire in seconds with a bamboo fire saw. Very impressive.
Our instructor was really good--showing us everything from how to make jungle spoons, cups and cookware out of bamboo, to demonstrating the kind of vine you need for 'jungle shampoo'  :)  our Bear Grylls-obsessed offspring really enjoyed it. 
And, for about a buck you can feed the ostriches...but they are EXTREMELY messy eaters. Brooke was trying to pick ostrich food out of her clothes for the rest of the day.
And, all the kids got to stand on the ostrich eggs....those things are strong!
And, they would make an omelette that might almost feed our whole family.
We also got to have our picture taken with birds...That is Scarlette the Macaw...
Leif got pooped on 2x while holding the birds...but he was still smiling.
If you love birds, or have kids who love birds, we would definitely recommend Magaul Bird Park--- Our kids want to go back.
So they can feed the macaw again...
And enjoy the ornithological awesomeness that they found at Magaul Bird Park! Definitely worth the trip.

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