Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July Flashback

Flashing back to 4th's of July gone by...lots of good memories no matter which side of the ocean we were on!

2009 ---Missouri-- baby boys and a two year old Asia...three months before flying to the Philippines.

 2011--Celebrating the 4th on Mindanao....when we were living for 6 months in the guest house.

 2012--Grilling at our own house on Mindanao and teaching Wendel about crazy American culture! Good memories.

 2013--Still on Mindanao...with our too-cool-for-school, but not too-cool-for-patriotism 4-pack.

 2014--Virginia! We were smiling...but kinda sad that the hurricane in the area took away the kids only chance to see a real 4th of July parade for a lot of years...

2015--- Now...on our new island, with our new dog, and still waving the flag, no matter where in the world we might be....No matter where you are in the world, Happy Independence Day!

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