Thursday, June 18, 2015

Staycation: Day 4 - The Beach

Finally....we made it to the beach! We have four kids who absolutely love the water, and they have not been swimming in almost 9 months. Yes, we are horrible parents, we know.
But, our day at the beach started making up for was a great day of sand and saltwater.
Slater found that two yellow noodles make a great banana boat. Nice for relaxing.
Asia continued to work on her floating skills--- getting pretty comfortable in the water.
The location was pretty--- the beach was inside a cove on the west coast of the Philippines. Lots of jungle on both sides of the beach.
The boys had an awesome time playing in the water, trying to swim, and also trying to dig a hole to...well, they said they were digging to Japan...
Great time as a family for our first Staycation day out!

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