Thursday, June 18, 2015

Staycation: Day 3

On the Staycation Master 3 was supposed to be swimming. But, with the car breaking down (see blogpost: "Staycation: Day 2") activities had to be rearranged. 

Brian took a bus to town to get the car where we left it, and try to get it fixed. And thankfully, mommy always has plan B up her sleeve...
So, our flexible crew didn't swim in water, but they did paint with watercolors--- 
Our 4 budding artists wasted no time creating some new masterpieces for our Refrigerator Art Gallery.
If you can't tell, Skye was painting a portrait of Daddy...we got everything from a still-life to a forest for our painting day.
Skye likes to give daddy black hair....and daddy is fine with that.

And after a long morning of fun at the auto repair shop, Brian got the car fixed. New ignition coil and new fuel filter. Pricey, but could have been a lot worse. We are just super thankful we broke down where we did.

For our next day of Staycation...we're gonna actually all leave the house!

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