Thursday, June 18, 2015

Staycation: Day 2

So, on day 2 of Staycation, (drum roll) our car broke down, We were driving in to town to take care of grocery shopping, and the car started running bad. Really bad. We just made it to the local mall, and Brian dropped off Brooke and the kids while he tried to get it fixed. 

It was Sunday, and all the mechanic shops were closed---except for one. It was a somewhat sketchy place, but Brian managed to drive into it and get the car looked at. 

The fuel filter was REALLY dirty...gasoline is sometimes not the cleanest here. Thought that was the only problem. Test drive. Nope. Still bad. 

Brian finally parked the car for the night at the mall parking lot and we made plans to take a taxi home. And...that's where this not so good second day of Staycation gets really good---

First, a bit of background. For several years, it was sooo hard for us to travel and go out with all of our kids, because they would get fussy, cranky and entirely un-fun to be around on a regular basis. 

We tried to faithfully keep working with them, but someimes, we felt like we were fighting a losing battle. 

But on day 2 of Staycation...we were reminded in a big way of how far they have come and how much they have grown---

The pic below kind of says it all-- this is after a long day of waiting  for daddy as he tried to get the care fixed. And yup--- they're all smiling. They weren't whiney, weren't cranky....they were actually still fun to be around in a rather un-fun situation. 
We love our kiddos....they are growing so much and we are having an awesome Staycation with them....and the rest of our life with them is pretty great too! 

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