Thursday, June 4, 2015

May 2015

When we look back at May 2015--- I think it will be best remembered as the first month in our new location and ministry that life was finally back to somewhere semi-similar to "normal." Whatever the heck THAT means.

Brian was finally finishing things for the program that were needed the next week, instead of the next day....The kids were finally getting on to a decent schedule and not getting sick all the time....Running water was hardly an issue (except for when the main broke twice...) the list goes on. 

After months of insanity, we are finally ratcheting life down to mildly crazy. And that's some serious progress. Hey...even this blogpost. Our last monthly blog summaries we put up were like one or two months late. This is only 4 days late, and that = pure awesomeness in our book.

So, what did we do? Well, besides being able to finally see the to-do list start to get shorter faster than we could add things to it....
Brian went with the other new missionary guys and Wendel to see Manny Pacquiao, local boxing hero, take on Floyd Mayweather--- It was great for the first 7 rounds. Then the theater (yes, they show Manny Pacquiao fights in movie theaters here) lost the satellite feed, and they didn't get to see the rest of the fight. Shockingly enough, they actually got their money refunded, and sadly enough, Manny lost. Kind of cause for a national day of mourning over here.
Brian had time to assemble a 3-d model of the Taj Mahal with the kiddos-- It actually held their attention for almost three straight hours of painstaking construction. the good thing: It is very symmetrical, which means there was often four of everything to assemble, and as you can see, there were four kids helping. This helped cut out that whole 'waiting for your turn' thing. And yes, those are lego guys on the model of Shah Jahan's sarcophagus for his fave wife.
For Asia's 8th birthday, she wanted to go to the local aquarium--- so we got to get close up with dolphins and sea lions and a jungle animal show! The kids loved it.
Ocean Adventure! Dolphins and Sea Lions and a trained fruit bat...oh my.
The kids slowed down long enough for a picture with Brooke on mother's day...
And, we got to enjoy coffee from some handmade mugs that were thrown by a friend of ours...somehow coffee just tastes better that way, and school definitely goes better. For those who were wondering, Leif fell on the concrete steps outside, thus the ouchie on his back.
We went and stared at the ships at Subic bay....
And we LOVED playing on our new lawn. We had (literally) a garbage dump for a back yard, and after a ton of work, many overflowing garbage bags and a lot of sod, we can play on grass!!
We can relax on the grass...
And, one of our new afternoon pastimes is weeding the grass, running around the yard, wrestling, running, rest, and repeat.
With an occasional time out to love on the dog...
Then recently,Wendel, our head language helper had his mom for a visit, so we took them out for a special seafood lunch. It's served on banana leaves and bamboo. We think the crab was good, but we're not sure, cuz the boys ate them all.
The kids have also started Tagalog lessons once a week with Kuya Wendel. They love TPR! 
We saw this guy hanging out on the wall outside our house.
And, here are the rapidly growing kids...on the way home from church. for last. After dragging all four kids around on buses and jeepneys for a loong time, we were finally able to get a vehicle. We are super thankful.....It's a major help for family life and ministry. 
Well....that was May. Somewhere in the neighborhood of sane, but still our own brand of crazy. 

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