Saturday, May 9, 2015

March 2015

So, after an insane January and February, life got a little less crazy. Sort of. 
The weather is a LOT hotter here than in our last location. Taking a swim is one way to cool off. 
Ok. There are 5 tubs there, and 4 children. and they are all in 1 tub. 
Siblings. They're silly sometimes. 
The boys had the time of their life putting together their own Lego Birds! A friend in the States sent them to the boys--- since two of the great loves of their life are, well, Legos and birds. They also proved that age is just a number, since the recommended age for putting the birds together was like 12 or something.
Then, Brian and the new missionaries took a day trip to Manila so that they could spend some time with leadership. It was fun to have some time with our leaders, not in meetings but just hanging out, eating and having fun.
Brian also got to ot to have lunch with some veteran NTM missionaries after visiting their church.
Then, life got waaaayyyy better....because we got a dog. Gunner is our awesome puppy who gets Lots and lots and lots of love.
And, we kept on trying to stay cool. It is HOT!
Brian took time out to take his two princesses to see Cinderella...they LOVED it,
And, we keep on reading. Thankfully, all our kids love books. and more books.
One of our books is Shel Silverstein with a poem about a very tall stack of pancakes. Because Brooke is Awesome Mom, she recreated the stack of pancakes. Skye recreated the little girl from the poem, and asked for the pancake in the middle.
We finally made it to the 100th day of school...
Skye learned how to fold laundry...
Asia helped Princess Skye recreate the pumpkin coach...
And, Brian finished out the month by attending an International Trainers Forum in Manila. NTM missionaries from  around the world got together to learn about training techniques and how NTM is continuing to modify their training to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

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