Saturday, May 9, 2015

January 2015

So, we finished off our furlough with a flourish....saying goodbye to friends and relatives, packing up a ridiculous number of suitcases and boxes, and then heading off...
...To the airport. The same airport that we first left to go to the Philippines back in 2009. The kids were a little easier to deal with this time! 
We arrived in Manila with a healthy dose of jet lag...but the best way to get over jet lag is to play! Thankfully, there were lots of kids to play with at the Guest House when we arrived. They taught our kids a lot of new games, and after only a week, we were (almost) sleeping through the night.
While Brooke held down the fort in Manila, Brian started house-hunting with some of our new missionaries. It took a while to find places to live, but after a few trips, everyone had a place to call home.
Even us! We moved in to our new house and got busy. It has taken a while for us and the kids to adjust, but they are getting used to their new home. And, to make things even better, they have a new puppy! And that, frankly makes Everything better.

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