Tuesday, May 5, 2015

House Hunting

So,  before we got back to the Philippines this January, we knew that life was going to be...well, CRAZY for a while.

We just didn't know how right we were.

Our new adventure started out with house hunting! But....it's a bit of a trip to where we are locating, so we had to take day trips out there to check out places for rent. It's a place that we hadn't been to before, so we were trying to figure out the area along the way.
We all got up bright and early to go find a new place to live! New missionaries Alex and Erin and Rachael came along to search for houses to live in during language and culture study. 
After a long drive with Kuya Jun Fabra, we made it and started looking. House hunting tends to be a lot of hurry up and wait...and wait...but we still managed to smile! (at least for the camera....)
On our next (all-day) trip, we checked out some places to outfit the new houses that we were still hoping to find....
And, this would also be our second trip up....Caleb, a missionary candidate for the Philippines who was visiting, came along to check out where he might be living soon. We had some good food along the way.
Then, Cole and Hannah Hinderager and their little one arrived at the airport...so Alex and Brian picked them up at the airport, and two days later, Cole went with us on our THIRD all-day house hunting trip, jet lag and all. 
Because each house-hunting trip took about 12-14 hours all together, we didn't take the kids along. Brooke had both hands full taking care of the Fantastic Four at the guest house. Thankfully, there were other kids to play with. Our kiddos learned some games from the big kids that they are still playing. :)
And, they learned to work together and build a scooter train...It was a lot of house hunting for Brian and a lot of running after crazy kiddos for Brooke, but finally, after multiple trips to our new location, everyone found houses to rent, and we got ready to move....again...but that is another story. Which will be told. In the next blog post.

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