Saturday, May 9, 2015

February 2015

Only two days after we moved to our new location, Brian found out that he needed to make a fast trip to Mindanao to ship our household up here. So, Brooke was left with these four crazies with no refrigerator, a one-burner stove, and almost no running water. Life was a bit crazy.
After daddy got home, we took a saturday to get out of our house (that had no running water anyway) and went to the seashore. It was nice to see the ocean and some palm trees!
Then, it was time for language and culture study to start. Brian and Wendel, our head language helper, started off the new missionaries study with a week of excursions around the area.The excursions were actually important for us too, because we had just moved here also, and didn't know much more about our location than the new missionaries!
In the midst of all the craziness, Cupid showed up with a homemade bow and arrow, and so we celebrated Valentine's Day.
Brooke started the kids on homeschool within a couple days of arrival. Our Fantastic Four always do better when they are on a schedule. And besides, it's always nice when Captain America takes time out from saving the world to read to his little sister.
And then...only one week after our new students got started in Culture and Language study, we got even busier! One of our Consultants was supposed to come teach on Second Language Acquisition at the National NTM training center located close to us. But, his wife got really sick and so on two days notice, one week after we started our own students in language sessions, Brian was teaching for a week to a different group of students...and trying to do it in a language that we had hardly used for four years. It actually went great! It was a great group of students and a lot of fun.
On the last day of teaching, our whole family went out to the NTM training center to have lunch with the students and staff. the kids had a great time!It's in the middle of a jungle with a stream running through the middle, so they loved it. 
Well, that was February. See you later from our four little ninjas.

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