Saturday, May 9, 2015

April 2015

Well, first of April, our twin boys cemented their identical status by both losing their first tooth on the same day, just a few hours apart. They thought that was pretty cool.
School has continued, with our intrepid band of homeschoolers. Art is always a favorite time of day.
And, so is Home Ec. Skye knows, as any good chef knows, that you can't just cook good in the kitchen. you also gotta look good in the kitchen. Fortunately, she has pink chef accessories to take care of that.
The kids had a fun time decorating some Easter eggs...
And Asia started getting excited for her birthday. Here's the plan for the cake and decorations mom...
Brian and Wendel and the students went to San Fernando for Good Friday. This is the place where they actually crucify people as part of the passion play, and also have other flagellantes.
A couple of days later we celebrated Easter. He is Risen!
Our family takes up a whole bench at church. 
And, finally, it rained! We didn't have a real rain since we arrived here in January, so it was SOO nice to finally get soaked with some good rain.
Kuya Wendel started tutoring our kids in Tagalog. No, it's not snack time, we're learning the words for cup, plate, knife, fork and spoon. We also learned the head and shoulders song in Tagalog, and some different verbs like "Sit! Stand! Walk! Run! Swim!" It's been fun seeing them learn.
And, we celebrated Asia's 8th birthday. Hard to believe our first baby is an 8 year old who just finished reading Pride and Prejudice! We must be getting old.

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