Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Crazy Few Weeks....

So, after the craziness of house hunting, we settled in to our new digs. Sort of. We arrived, blew up our air mattresses, and....Suddenly, the day after we arrived, Brian found out that he had to make a lightning fast trip to Mindanao to get our household stuff from there shipped. And he had to leave the very next day.

So, he ran and bought a plane ticket, jumped on a bus at 5 AM the next morning, and by that night, he was at our old home on Mindanao.
Of course, that meant leaving Brooke in our new rental house with nothing set up, air mattresses on the floor, and as we soon discovered, no water in the faucets.
YEAH...Air mattresses on the floor=no big deal. 
Living with a one-burner stove and no refrigerator? No big deal.
But...living with this crew without water from 6 AM to 9 PM every day? 
Well...That = A Big Deal.

Funny how you take something like running water for granted...until it's not there.

So, after almost a week away, Brian got back to our new home, and we began braving our                No Waterworld  Wonderland together. 

 In case you were wondering what you do in such a situation...well, first of all you whine quietly to yourself.  If your spouse is around, and the kids are asleep, then you whine to him/her also. Then you go buy plastic garbage cans, and fill them up every night, sometimes filling up water containers until 10:30 PM...so that you have some water for the next day. And you use a bucket to take dipper baths, and try to remind your kids (who you finally trained over the last 6 months to flush the toilet and wash their hands) that they can't flush the toilet and they need to use a dipper to wash their hands.... 
And, in the midst of that, our new missionaries were starting their culture and language acquisition, so Brian worked with them to get the program going--- thankfully, Wendel, who has worked with us for years, moved here with us to be our head Culture and Language Helper....he is invaluable! And he's a really good friend.
So, we got the new missionaries started on culture and language study, and then our thoughts turned to other things...like, well....running water. But that's another post.

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