Saturday, January 17, 2015

We Made It!

We made it!
                                      The girls having fun on the airplane...

After about 40 hours of travel, we arrived at the Manila Guest House---we’ve been here for about 1 ½ weeks.
                                    Everybody was kind of tired  by the time we arrived.

Jet lag was kind of brutal but we are now basically sleeping through the night, and doing pretty well.

Brian went to our new location, Bataan, on Monday with some of the new missionaries and a National NTM leader, to look for possible housing locations. We found several potential rental houses…one house that might work for us and some housing that looks promising for the new missionaries.

Tomorrow morning, Brian and the new missionaries will head out to Bataan again to look at more housing and hopefully make some decisions on where we will be living.

We are praying that we can all get moved out there and start the language and culture program ASAP…we can really use your prayers as we prepare!

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