Monday, January 5, 2015

2 Sickies & 35 Hours of Travel Ahead of Us

It’s time!

Tomorrow morning we begin traveling back to the Philippines. We have a long trip ahead of us…around 35 hours of travel.

Brooke is just getting over the stomach flu, and Asia just got it this AM, so we would really appreciate your prayers!

We are flying into Manila, and then we will hit the ground running---As soon as we can after arriving, we will meet the five new missionaries that we will be coaching in language and culture study. Then, we will all be moving out to the province of Bataan—the location where we will now be doing initial culture and language study.

We have to find houses to rent, find out where we can buy food (and everything else), get our new students situated, and try to keep our family semi-sane at the same time…so we can use your prayers!

As we have been telling the kids, it is going to be a great adventure— 
We are trusting our God who holds the future and us in His hands.

If you would like to support us financially as we return to the Philippines…  You may do so here…
We are at about 69% of our recommended monthly support and have about 27% of our goal for moving/set-up expenses.

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