Sunday, January 18, 2015

Now & Then: Adventures at the Guest House

We are staying at our mission guest house in Manila...  It's where we stayed over 5 years ago when we arrived in the Philippines...and it's where the twins learned to walk a couple weeks after we arrived.  
I was looking back at some pics from when we first arrived in the country and ran into some fun ones of the twins.  They love looking at pictures of themselves when they were babies...
So, today we had some fun recreating the pics that I took over 5 years ago.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

We Made It!

We made it!
                                      The girls having fun on the airplane...

After about 40 hours of travel, we arrived at the Manila Guest House---we’ve been here for about 1 ½ weeks.
                                    Everybody was kind of tired  by the time we arrived.

Jet lag was kind of brutal but we are now basically sleeping through the night, and doing pretty well.

Brian went to our new location, Bataan, on Monday with some of the new missionaries and a National NTM leader, to look for possible housing locations. We found several potential rental houses…one house that might work for us and some housing that looks promising for the new missionaries.

Tomorrow morning, Brian and the new missionaries will head out to Bataan again to look at more housing and hopefully make some decisions on where we will be living.

We are praying that we can all get moved out there and start the language and culture program ASAP…we can really use your prayers as we prepare!

Monday, January 5, 2015

2 Sickies & 35 Hours of Travel Ahead of Us

It’s time!

Tomorrow morning we begin traveling back to the Philippines. We have a long trip ahead of us…around 35 hours of travel.

Brooke is just getting over the stomach flu, and Asia just got it this AM, so we would really appreciate your prayers!

We are flying into Manila, and then we will hit the ground running---As soon as we can after arriving, we will meet the five new missionaries that we will be coaching in language and culture study. Then, we will all be moving out to the province of Bataan—the location where we will now be doing initial culture and language study.

We have to find houses to rent, find out where we can buy food (and everything else), get our new students situated, and try to keep our family semi-sane at the same time…so we can use your prayers!

As we have been telling the kids, it is going to be a great adventure— 
We are trusting our God who holds the future and us in His hands.

If you would like to support us financially as we return to the Philippines…  You may do so here…
We are at about 69% of our recommended monthly support and have about 27% of our goal for moving/set-up expenses.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 in Review

We arrived on January 20th...and 5 out of 6 people in the family promptly got sick. Our introduction to America was a lot of laying around and getting over a jet lag/yucky flu combo.

After a less-than-auspicious intro to America, life got better. It snowed! 3 of our 4 kids had never played in snow before, so it was pretty exciting. Our little blizzard only amounted to about 2'' of white, but with the help of their uncles, they had snowmen, snowball fights and even a snow fort.

We discovered the awesomeness of free kids workshops at Lowe's and Home Depot! That would be their Trojan Horse piggy bank...

Easter eggs in America are awesome!

Then, we started our 4-oil change tour of America...20,000 miles, 36 states, and many many friends, supporters and relatives were visited....

We stayed for part of the summer at our church in Virginia---had a great time!

We enjoyed celebrating a good old American 4th of July...

Then, it was back to Missouri for a short pit stop...

Then, back on the road to the West coast, lots more friends and a short stop in a big canyon.

Then, back to Missouri...and we had a visit from Strawberry Shortcake, Pocahontas, Leif the Lucky, and an unidentified Redcoat (who we decided was from the French and Indian War).

Then, we all caught a BIG ol' fish together...almost pulled Asia in, so Grampy reeled it in, and we had quite the supper.

Then, we had Christmas with lots of family....

It's been a great year, and in a couple of days we are headed back to the Philippines , and a new family adventure. 

Thanks for sharing 2014 with us!

Our American Christmas = EPIC!

Family, food, fun--It was an EPIC Christmas!
LOTS of super delish food going on...
Uncles are awesome! Especially when you can shoot them with nerf guns...
Lots of Holiday hugs...

Princess Jammies!! Can it get any better?!?
Sweet new backpacks!  The boys are wearing them everywhere.
And, at long last, an Elsa doll. 

Skye LOVES her new swing from Uncle Mikey...

The boys got to hike with Grandpa Johnson to the highest hill we have here. It was their first trip to tho top, and they asked if it was about as tall as Mt. Everest...
Christmas Jammies!
The kids picked out Bear Grylls stuff for daddy...
Asia got an awesome telescope...
And the kids got to do lots of crafts with grandma and grandpa.
Why yes, the boys do like Mythbusters...and pretty much anything science-related...especially if there are explosions.
holiday cheer...
So...we had an EPIC American Christmas! 
It was a super special way to finish our time here in the US...
and about 4 days from now...we'll be on our way back to the Philippines.