Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 9: Leif

Leif...he is our dog-loving 6-year old who, along with his twin brother, is ALL boy. Life is basically about adventures, survival in the wilderness and...
Puppies.  Puppies? Yup! two is good...more would be better.
He is also learning about his name's heritage...Leif the Lucky...And that was his choice for a costume for Halloween this year!
He also enjoys fishing...but knows that sometimes expending energy when unnecessary is not helpful.
He loves going "rock-skiing"....running down a hill of loose gravel safely-- just like Bear Grylls.
And...once again...if there's a is always better.
He has grown up in the tropics...but is learning to adjust to the tundra-like temperatures of know, like when it dips below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 
And, he loves oranges. Leif, we love you and are so thankful for you! We're so glad God gave us our adventure-loving boy!

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