Friday, November 7, 2014

Day 6: Slater

Slater...he is the younger half of our two-for-one deal we had at the hospital 6 years ago. Just like his big brother (by 8 minutes) he loves adventure and the outdoors.
For a long time, he had an obsession with Texas. This mostly started because he LOVES birds....and there is a type of blue-throated hummingbird that is native to Texas...and it kind of snowballed from there.
But then, he met & fell in love with his second cousin, Megan...she was ALL he could talk about for a very long time...and his obsession with Texas was a thing of the past. Now, he's completely taken with anything to do with the "Mitten" state(Michigan)...because that is where she lives.  

And, just like his other siblings...he also loves fishing.
His favorite president is George Washington...but he dressed up as a redcoat for Halloween...We have decided that this particular redcoat was in the French-and-Indian War....which, as everyone knows, was the first war that Washington fought in...on the side of the redcoats...
His favorite veggie? Pumpkin!  He seriously loves all things Pumpkin!
He loves bike-riding, and pretty much anything outdoors.
We are so thankful for our Slater! Or, as he likes to call himself, "Slater Kelly!" (referencing a certain well-known surfer)

Love ya Slater!

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