Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 4: Grandparents

One of the best parts of furlough? Grandparents! We are so thankful that our kids have had the chance to be with their Grandparents a LOT this furlough. 
When we weren't on the road, we stayed with Grampy and Grammy Tiegs---The kids had a great time having grandparents to spoil them on a daily basis...they have taught the kids how to fish, how to survive when mommy and daddy actually go on a date...and all kinds of other stuff!
And, we have visited Grandpa and Grandma Johnson in Minnesota several times, and they have driven down to Missouri multiple times to see us! They just came for a visit yesterday, and the kids could hardly contain themselves! 

We are SO thankful for grandparents...Every kid should have some!!

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