Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 3: Aunts & Uncles

Aunts & Uncles....they're awesome! We remember some great times with our Aunts & Uncles as kids....and we are super thankful that our kids have some awesome Aunts & Uncles  that they have been able to spend time with this furlough----
We got to see Uncle Kevin and Aunt Renee out in California...It was sure nice to finally get to spend some time together!  The kids had a great time with Cousin Maddox, and they are also very excited to meet their new cousin, "Silly!"
The kids love being with Uncle Dan and Aunt Holly too...They got to spend a lot of time with them--in MO, MN, and VA! And they can't wait to meet their other new cousin, "Happy!"
Uncle Bran and soon-to-be-official "Aunt" Bethany are also great with the kiddos....and they had a great time together. Slater decided he wanted to make them a card. He dictated every thing he wanted to say, we wrote it down, then he copied the words onto the card...It finished with:"I can't wait 'til you get married!" :)
And Uncle Mikey and the kids always have an awesome time together..They love being with Uncle Mikey!

We are so thankful that our kids have such awesome Aunts and Uncles!!

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