Thursday, November 27, 2014

Day 26: Siblings

This is one of those happy/sad posts...We're thankful cuz Brandon is driving home for Thanksgiving right now, and we just found out (surprise!) that Micah was able to get off work and is coming home for Thanksgiving too! So, we are pretty stoked about that....

So, we're thankful for Siblings being home for the holidays right now....

But we still have other siblings, and plenty of other family that won't be here....We are thankful for what we have, and who will be here, but we are still missing those will be in other locations.

Kevin and Renee and Brian's parents will be in California for Turkey day, and Dan and Holly will be in Minnesota with Dan's family. 

As we get ready to head back to the Philippines for (Lord-willing) another four years, it's sometimes hard to think of being away from family for all that time. 

All those holidays. 

All those birthdays. 

But is it worth it? Yeah.

We love our siblings, we love our family....But following God with our family across the ocean is worth the goodbyes, and makes the hello's even sweeter.

Today, we are thankful for our siblings....and our siblings-in-law....When we think of what we are thankful for-- family comes in right at the top of the list---- even before coffee...

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