Saturday, November 22, 2014

Day 21: Dates!

Sometimes when you're married with seems like the dates just never happen anymore.

So today, we are just thankful for the times they do.

While in the Philippines, we had about 3 dates or so in 4.5 years. Not a very impressive record.

While in the States, we've done considerably better....It helps to have built-in babyitters at the house (aka grampy and grammy) But we have still not exactly been on multiple dreamy dates...

So, today we headed out together  to eat food and watch the new Hunger Games....Kind of ironic in a way...but we had fun.

After being married 11.5 years, we are thankful for anytime we can sneak away and have some semblance of a date! Thanks to the babysitters and to the thoughtful people who gave us a Chili's gift card and a Starbucks card...we redeemed them well!

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