Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 2: Co-Workers & Friends

When Jesus was on earth---one thing he decided was very important was...having Co-Workers and Friends! 

Now, some of his co-workers helped him more than others, Judas being one of the notable exceptions. 

But, throughout his earthly ministry Jesus showed how important having friends and co-workers are.

Recently, we were reminded how AWESOME our friends and co-workers in the Philippines are and how very thankful we are for them!!

We are in the US...and as some of you may have heard, our landlord decided to take back the house we were renting in the Philippines...but we had a LOT of our stuff still inside.

We couldn't exactly fly back to the Philippines to vacate our house...but....our stuff needed to be moved....Who ya gonna call?!?

Co-Workers & Friends!  

Our co-workers who live in the same town organized the whole moving process---and some friends from our church graciously volunteered to help!
Our friends from church offered to let us use their truck, helped get people to carry our stuff, and are now storing it all for us! 
All the back-breaking work of moving our household was accomplished in just a few hours....
It's super sad to say goodbye to our house from afar....but it sure makes it a lot easier, knowing that we have folks there who are willing to sacrifice their time and their storage space to help us out! We couldn't make it without the help of our NTM Co-workers and the awesome brothers and sisters from our church---

Thanks guys!!!  You all ROCK!

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