Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 18: Wendel

Who is tri-lingual and can explain the grammar of the two most important trade languages in the Philippines?
That would be our friend and Christian brother, Wendel. And we are super thankful for him.

Wendel is one of the first people we met in the Philippines, and we have worked with him almost our entire time in the Philippines.

Not only does he know three languages, he is excellent at helping stretch people just beyond their language level, so that they can continue to improve.

He has worked on two islands in two different languages for our language program, and is moving with us as we prepare to move to a third location!

We have worked many hours together, first as a teacher-student, then as co-workers in the language program.

We are SUPER THANKFUL that Wendel is coming with us as we move once again!!

Thanks Wendel, for your willingness to be flexible and move wherever God has for you....we are so thankful for you!!

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