Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 17: Sending Churches & Supporters

We love what we do. 
But we couldn't do it without people like you!

Living and ministering in the Philippines is a job we love. 

One of the most awesome parts about it is, we get to be part of a huge team that is sending its support, prayers, encouragement and sometimes packages with cool stuff from the States our way.

We know we are not doing this alone....we just get to be the part of the team that lives in a tropical location!

There is nothing easy about overseas ministry....but without our Sending Churches and Supporters...it wouldn't even be possible. 

So, today (and actually every day) we are super thankful for the churches and individuals from around the world, who have decided to help make our ministry in the Philippines a reality.
VBS in Minnesota at Brian's home church
This last year, we have had the chance to visit many churches and individual supporters, and it was awesome to be reminded of the MANY people who are behind us.

Group photo at Brooke's home church in Virginia!
Traveling 20,000 miles was crazy...but we still didn't get to see everybody...

Thank you so much to all of you who make what we do possible!!

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