Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 16: SNOW!

We had our snowstorm! 

We were hoping for one more good snowfall before we head back to the tropics, and we got it!

So, today we are thankful for about 4" of the white fluffy stuff. The kids have had a blast.
Asia....working on a snow fort.
Skye, making yet another snow angel...we are sure thankful for our little angles....
The boys...eating snow and having fun.
And, we managed to put a small snow fort together....a bit small but hey...there wasn't that much snow.
Slater...getting ready to shovel something.
And, we had to get at least one shot of the fam in the snow....our next family pic in the snow might look CONSIDERABLY different....
And, to top it all off, we had snow cream....pure deliciousness, and a great end to a great snow day. 

We are super thankful that we got to have a good snowstorm to finish out our time here in the US. We still have 1.5 months before we leave....and if this was our last snow day...that's ok with us!

We are also thankful that we are soon heading back to the latitudes where snow does not exist except in our dreams and memories... ha!

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