Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 15: Homeschool

One of the greatest parts of parenting our four little fireballs has been (drum roll) Homeschool!
We are SOO thankful for the opportunity we have to homeschool our kids...It is a lot of work, but super rewarding!
Our four little scholars...getting ready to take on the world.
We started homeschooling Asia during our full-time culture and language study in the Philippines...and trying to get all our own study in while getting her school done and still taking care of three other little pre-schoolers was more than a little crazy.

But, we all survived and we are now in a pretty good homeschool routine. As I (Principal Daddy) write this, Skye is sitting next to me, coloring her "A is for apple" worksheet--complete with apple tree and apples. Thanks to Pinterest, for the free printable worksheets!!

Brooke has taken sort of a Classical/Charlotte Mason approach-- with her own unique twists.

Since it is Principal Daddy writing this...I can say that what I am super thankful for as I write this is Brooke's willingness and ability to make our homeschool into a multi-sensory gateway to learning...not just a classroom. She has taken the time to look way outside the box when it comes to what school has to look like, and has put together a carefully designed program that is really working for our kids.

One of the most fascinating parts of homeschooling from the beginning has been observing our young scholars as their unique personalities and learning styles develop. It has been crazy to see how four kids, raised in the same home by the same parents can have such DIVERSE personalities and learning styles.

It has been a huge learning experience for us, and has really made us look at different methods of culture and language acquisition in new ways as well-- If our kids learn so differently, we realize that the new missionaries we work with probably will as can we set them up best to succeed?

Teaching and observing our own kids has really helped us in this-- we don't know all the answers, but perhaps we are at least starting to ask the right questions....

Homeschooling also set us up to have a super-profitable educational time during our travels--- we...

Took our COOL kids  to the Badlands....

Saw a super cool air & space museum...

Visited some well-known busts....

 read about Lewis & Clark at the End of the Trail, 

read about the Grand Canyon while looking out at the Grand Canyon...
walked through Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown....went to Washington D.C., and did many other awesome field trips with our young Roads Scholars!

It has been such a blessing to be able to homeschool our kids--As I write this...Asia just came and high-fived me because she just accomplished another daunting educational task...And my kindergarten boys regularly walk around singing their Latin songs and then ask to listen to their Ancient History CD's during rest time....We wouldn't trade it!!

So today...we are thankful for our sweet Phronesis Academy Homeschool.

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