Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 14: Outdoor Awesomeness

When you have four young kids, there is nothing more wonderful than having a BIG yard.
We are super thankful, because where we live right now, we wouldn't say we have a big yard. It's more like a...small forest/park/homestead.
In other words, it's super awesome!!

When our kids head outside, they have trees to climb, trails to hike on, shelters to build, their own special "book club" underneath dense foliage, a lake to fish in and boat on, and acres of grassy areas.

Our boys have become aspiring survivalists, trying to be like Bear Grylls. And, our girls enjoy the outdoors just about as much as their brothers.

They LOVE birds---and learning about them...Slater just got a stuffed cardinal bird toy from the mission barrel, and he named it appropriately: Mr. Audobon.

There's just something about having lots of room and a lot of nature around that is awesome for kids (and adults).

And we are super thankful for the place we have been able to live this furlough---where walking outside means there is always something new for our kids to do.

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