Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day 12: Visitors from Afar!

Coming to the US for furlough can be a lot of fun...We've had a great time traveling and visiting ALL over America. But, it can be really nice to see someone you work with overseas!

We have had the chance to see several of our coworkers from the Philippines during our time in the US...and it is always super fun to catch up with people who UNDERSTAND what we mean when we talk about our other "home" across the Pacific...

We just had a chance yesterday to see some of those friends...The Wapps, who lived in our same town in the Philippines.
We had lunch together and then just talked for a long time about everything and nothing....mostly related to our shared experiences "over there."

It was a really good time.

So, today, we are thankful for the meetings we have had this year with our co-workers who are also currently in the US!

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