Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 1: Pumpkin Carving

It's 30 Days of Thankfulness! 

For day #1...we are starting with something we are very thankful to have while in the US...Pumpkins!

They look cool, and they are also delicious....pumpkin pasta and pumpkin soup are Slater's favorite foods....and everyone else in the family also loves them.
We actually found small pumpkins for sale once in the Philippines...but they were about $40 a we decided not to buy one.
Today, Uncle Bran and Auntie Bethany were here for some pumpkin carving fun! We had one pumpkin for each kid...and some great designs that Grammy printed.
Brooke and Grampy did the dirty work...pulling out all the pumpkin guts to get the pumpkin party started.
Then, it was carving time! We had a little pumpkin carving kit from Wal-mart...which is really worth it--we also used tiny screwdrivers to poke holes in the pumpkins to make the designs. Then we cut out the designs...just following the poke-hole patterns.
Cinderella! A fitting face to see on a pumpkin!
Bran and Bethany worked hard to make the Johnson Jack-O-Lantern party a reality! Thanks guys!
And, here is the finished product waiting to get lit....from left to right...Puppy-o-Lantern, Cinderella in a pumpkin, Pumpkin Hello Kitty, and classic Jack (O-Lantern)
And, let's light 'em up. Wow! They actually turned out pretty good for never having done this before...It's so special to get to do things like this with the kids...while we are living for a short while in the land where you can buy pumpkins....So today, we are thankful for pumpkins, and for the people who carved them with us.

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