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Homeschool 2014-2015

Ahh...yes. It's Fall again...That magical time of year when a young mother's heart turns to...Homeschool  Curriculum.  
The following is all the subjects that we work on together.

OK. First things first. I'm trying something new in Bible this year...  We are using this curriculum called Telling God's Story from Olive Branch Books/Peace Hill Press.  I have always just spent time reading from a Bible Story book before and haven't ever used a curriculum...but was feeling the need for something because it seemed like the kids were having a hard time paying attention while I read a Bible story to them...and they didn't have any accountability to listen, etc.  

The set up is similar to The Story of the World...with a Lesson, Map Work, Coloring Page, and other activities.  I've only been using it for a couple of weeks but so far, the kids and I are really liking it... Initially  I was a little concerned because it is only covering some of the parables and teachings of Jesus...and is not Chronological. But, we have been reading to the kids chronologically for years, and I think it's also good to focus on certain aspects of the Bible for a while.We'll get back to chronological teaching soon enough...

We are only covering one Lesson a week.  On Monday, I read the Lesson and they work on the Coloring Page.  On Tuesday, Asia, who is now learning to find things in her Bible, looks up the parable or story and reads it to us.  Then, she harnesses her ample supply of inner drama, and retells/ Narrates the story.  Then, we'll often do another activity or game from the Activity book.  

 On Wednesday, we find the story in another one of our Bible Story books...and I read it aloud. the boys learn how to read...I want one of them to read the story aloud.

After I read the story, Slater retells/Narrates the story for far, this has included him acting out a good portion of the story.  On Thursday, we again read the story from a Bible Story book, work on the Map Work...or another activity.  Then, preschooler Skye retells/Narrates the story for us.  We do another activity or game.  On Friday, we finish up any Coloring Activities or projects that we haven't completed.  And Leif gives us our final retelling/Narration of the story.
Anyway...As I said...we've only done this for a couple of weeks...but I'm really enjoying the change, and so are my four students.  the retelling/Narration in their own words really lets me know if they are getting the story and listening. And, it also lets them bring out their own particular brand of storytelling/drama...which can get pretty hilarious sometimes.
We are continuing to use the Sing the Word CDs for our Bible Memory...and This year we are on the one called "A New Commandment." The kids love to sing along, and Skye often asks to listen to these CD's during her rest time.

We are actually not finished with Volume 1 yet from last year...So, we are finishing that up before we begin Volume 2 of Story of the World.  We'll be including some extra books this year...especially, about Vikings and Castles & Knights.  
As with last year...We'll be doing SOTW on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
The kids love it & I love it!  We are all learning sooo much! The audio version of SOTW is REALLY well done-- the boys regularly ask to listen to it during their rest time. Kids, you say you want to learn more about History during your rest time? Twist my arm!!

We started this at the end of the last school year but only got through about three chapters before we started traveling.  So, we'll be finishing up our Apologia Astronomy and Jr. Notebooking Journal this year.  I'm including extra books about space that are more on the Kindergarten and Preschool level as this is a bit advanced for Leif, Slater & Skye.

When we finish this up we'll begin our Apologia study of Flying Creatures that I won last year. (Yay for online homeschool contests!!)

We will continue studying Apologia Science on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
We are trying something new this year.  Each month we are learning about a new Scientist or Inventor using Mike Venezia's Books "Getting to Know the World's Greatest Scientists & Inventors" and any other books we have one the famous person. We just read a book about the Scientist or Inventor for fun on Fridays.

My plan for this is:
August:  The Wright Brothers
September:  Luis Alvarez
October:  Charles Drew
November:  Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak
December:  Daniel Hale Williams
January:  Lise Meitner
February:  Thomas Edison
March:  Henry Ford
April:  Albert Einstein
May:  Alexander Graham Bell
June:  Marie Curie
July:  Benjamin Franklin

I still do not enjoy science...but ALL the kids do.  Sigh.  So, I'm learning a lot and I really enjoy Nature, we do A TON of those.  haha


This year I've incorporated Latin into our plans...with this Song School Latin 1 curriculum that I won last year. (Yay again for homeschool curriculum contests!) So far, the kids have really been enjoying it.  I went ahead and purchased the dvd...and I'm glad that I did...while I think it's a bit corny...the kids really like it.  I also downloaded the free coloring pages that go with it from Classical Academic Press.  Only Asia is doing the workbook.  Leif & Slater are basically only watching the dvd and playing games with the flashcards...which is fine with me for right now.  Skye is really loving the free downloadable coloring pages. 
The last time we visited a church, Asia tried to teach the first lady she met how to greet a teacher or student in Latin...hey, she's listening.


Music...the only thing that I might possibly be worse at than Art...haha!
I'm never really sure what to do with this...because I'm really terrible with music...   So, I'm continuing on with Composer Studies.  We'll cover one famous composer a month...and we focus on Music on Tuesdays.
We use Mike Venezia's books "Getting to know the World's Greatest Composers" and various from the Classical Kids Collection (Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery, Mr. Bach Comes to Call, etc)  and some from "The Story of _______ in Word's and Music Collection.

My Plan for this year is as follows.
September:  Bach
October:  Vivaldi
November:  Beethoven
December:  Tchaikovsky
January & February:  Handel
March:  Chopin
April:  Hadyn
May:  Mozart
June:  The Beattles
July:  We Sing America & Various Other Famous American Tunes

My parents got a decent keyboard(as in good for beginners) from the Mission Barrel (FREE) that they said we could take back to the Philippines...  So, I would really love to see Leif takes some lessons...and I would probably see if Asia and Slater would like to try some also.


We are pressing on with our Art Appreciation study and our survey of various Artists...using Mike Venezia's books "Getting to know the World's Greatest Artists".
We focus on art on Thursdays.  And we cover one artist a Month.

Here's the Plan for this Year:
August & September:  Henri Matisse
October:  Van Gogh & Pumpkin Crafts
November:  Rembrandt & Thanksgiving Crafts
December:  Christmas Crafts
February:  Norman Rockwell
March:  Grandma Moses
April:  Andy Warhol
May:  Mary Cassatt
June:  Pierre August Renoir
July:  Paul Klee

I really feel like our Art is totally lacking...but I seriously don't have a single artistic bone in my, I'm not really sure what to do. I often just give the kids a pile of art supplies and let them have at it.  Or print something from Pinterest for them to do for a holiday or whatever...

Anyway...I'm toying with using this curriculum for art and music.  It would go along with where we are in our History study.  It is much more laid out...which would be a big plus for me.  The plans include links to the www for viewing artwork, other activities and YouTube listening.

Oh, here is a "subject" that I can really get behind!  ha!!
I AM ALL ABOUT PE!  haha  It was my favorite subject as a kid...and I have to still is.

I don't really have a plan for this...and yes, I probably should...
I have PE written into my schedule on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays...but truthfully, we tend to do it almost every day.
But my goals are to keep my kids teach them that being active is a lifestyle.  EXERCISE is a life long habit!
This year...we're just gonna keep spending as much time outside as possible before it gets cold...taking walks, kicking balls around, throwing the football, and generally just running around like maniacs, etc.  I wanted them to be able to play soccer or some other summer sport while we were in the US, but we traveled 20,000 miles instead....oh, well.

When it gets  too cold for me to be outside...I'll just send the kids out to play for as long as they can stand it...and then, we'll probably do a couple of workout dvds that we have...if you have any recommendations for a kids workout dvd...  Please share...cuz I don't love or even really like anything that we have.  I can hardly get the boys to participate when we need to do one. They would rather be climbing a tree or exploring....which I guess I can't really blame them.

When we get back to the Philippines, I would love the girls to be in ballet again...I would love for at least the three older ones to join some form of Martial Arts.  And I want to get them swimming MORE!

Well, that's a start for Homeschool Curriculum 2014-2015....stay tuned for part Deux!!

The photos in this post are all borrowed from Google!

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