Sunday, August 17, 2014

March Madness in Missouri

This is the Fantastic Four again...Stateside edition. Trying to get used to living in the US of A. We're figuring it out fine, but...
What are these state-sanctioned implements of torture?!?
Seat belts and booster seats? These are things us foreign-raised
 kiddos know not of. It will take a while to get used to car seat confinement.

But at least if that car is headed to Home Depot's free Saturday kid workshops ,
the tragic seat belt story has a happy ending. This time, it's a Trojan Horse piggy bank.
 Which, if memory serves, comes from a fairly tragic story, if you were from the city of Troy. 
At least, that's what we learned in 1st Grade homeschool history. But hey, if you were Greek, then it's a happy story! History and woodworking can be awesome! 
Yup, Lowe's has 'em too...Free fun and the occasional bashed
thumb for everyone! And free work aprons too. We loved it.

But,every once in a while you just have to take a break...

Go for a swing in a huge tube...

Eat some snow that isn't yellow...

Or celebrate our drop of Irish blood. We may not be very Irish,
but please, kiss us anyway. Just mind the mustache.

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