Monday, August 18, 2014

July--Independence, Anniversaries and On The Road

Happy 4th of July! We had a hurricane come through and cancel all the festivities, but we still had a patriotic good time.
Palmer BBQ = Family Fun!
Another field trip-- Kitty Hawk! The kids loved seeing where Wilbur and Orville made aviation history.
And, we headed to Hatteras...
And Bode Island lighthouse too.  And we learned it's pronounced "body".
Hit an OBX beach with Uncle Dan and Aunt Holly.
And got free Slurpees at 7-11 on.... 7/11. Nice treat for a hot day!
The kids learned how to boogie board at VA Beach, and they LOVED it.
And, hanging out with uncles is always fun.
We also got to go to Cape Henry, where, 11 years ago, we got married.
A lot changes in 11 years.
At least one of our kids has now told us they want to get married in front of a lighthouse they must have like it.
But, soon enough, it was time to pack up again and get on the road. Skye wanted to make sure she didn't get left behind.
So, we had a farewell beach party at Chesapeake Bay...
And, went to see friends in Washington D.C. They took us to the National Zoo--our own little monkeys thought it was pretty cool.
We did our field trip...saw some monuments...
And went to visit the Memorial of Asia's favorite president. 
A better Mall than any shopping mall!
And, we saw the place right where MLK stood.
Walked to the WWII Memorial...
Saw the White House. The other side was closed when we were there because the Pres. was giving a press conference on the South Lawn...
We saw good friends in Nashville...
And went to the Parthenon! (Well, just the one in Nashville...not Greece.) 
We stopped by Lincoln's Birthplace...
In Minnesota, we saw Great Grandpa Johnson-- The kids (and daddy) had a blast on his big 4-wheeler!
And after a lot of years, we had the family together! 
The kids had a great time getting to know their cousin Maddox for the very first time.
And, we went to Duluth and saw Lake Superior. All in all, a good month. 

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