Sunday, August 17, 2014


January began for us with a bang....literally. There is some kind of firecracker that is popular in our town in the Philippines that literally sounds like a bomb going off. So, we welcomed in the New Year trying to bury our heads in our pillows, praying that the kids would sleep through it all.

Then, it was soon time to head to the USA...But first, we spent three days at the airport on our island, watching our flights get cancelled because of uncooperative weather. Finally, we made it to Manila, and then we got in this airplane to the States!

Individual screens were definitely a help in keeping 4 kids happy
 from Manila to Japan to Detroit!

We finally arrived in St. Louis. Missing one bag, but we had
all 6 people. Of course, the bag made it all the way from Manila
to Michigan, but the  Detroit airport managed to lose it...

Jet lag is fun...We're wide awake anyway so
let's have a meal at midnight!

When you're three, this jet lag business does not make sense at all.
My body says it's bedtime, and mom says it's lunchtime. I'm going to lay
my head down and think about it for a minute...

Getting the kids to wear long sleeves was excruciating...they
HATED the feeling of so much bulky clothing after living
in the tropics.

But jet lag was finally conquered, they got used to the cold and the
confining clothing, and starting having a blast in the States.
Welcome to America!!

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