Sunday, August 17, 2014

February Flashback

For some reason known only to God, we made it back to the States---just in time for one of the worst winters in years. 

The problem with cold weather is that it is really COLD!
And that's inside with the heater on. But, we still had
lots to do.

Uncle Brandon visited, and the kids got to try out some cool
experiments with their own personal Cornell Chemist.

Uncle Micah came, and the kiddos got to play
Physician's Assistant together. Thankfully,
they were all healthy, and P.A. Micah Tiegs
told them so.

It doesn't snow a lot in Missouri, but there was enough to make
a real snowman. And there was enough snow to eat...

Sort of go tubing...

And build a real snow fort. With 2'' of snow. It helps to have three
uncles who shoveled together snow from all over the yard
to get enough for a real fort.

And, the kids got to try a Tiegs skating!
They actually did surprisingly well, considering they normally live
a few degrees away from the equator.

Uncle Dan made them a treasure map that led all the way to...
a deer stand! But this deer stand had been stocked with a treasure
chest full of good stuff that all Missouri pirates love.

So, our Fantastic Four decided...winter really can be fun!

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