Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Christmas Ballet Recital

The girls finished out their year of ballet training with a Christmas Recital! Skye was the youngest and smallest dancer there--but she does her best to make her presence known. (Often by running across the back of the stage while other dancers are doing their number...)
Asia has now been doing ballet for 1.5 years here where we live, and she is still loving it. She was in three dances in the recital, and even had a costume change in between numbers somewhere.
Our, (ahem) ballet-loving boys attended to support their sisters, but were more interested in watching some Mythbusters that mom and dad wisely brought along. We were there for almost 2 hours, so it's understandable that any self-respecting 5-year old boys love of ballet can only extend so far. Even if they do love their sisters.
Where's Waldo? And, can you spot Skye and Asia too? Promise, they're there.

Wendel has known our kids ever since we arrived in the Philippines, so the girls were VERY excited that their "kuya" Wendel came to support them and cheer them on.
Asia and Skye have both learned a LOT under the direction of their ballet teacher, Miss Chiqui.
And, we just think they look pretty darn cute in their tutus...but then we are their parents.
After the performance....the boys were a little tuckered out, but it was a great Recital, and we are so proud of our girls!

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