Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Little Christmas Elves

 Aaahh...decorating for Christmas.  All four of our little elves are old enough to 'help' now, so it was quite the family affair.
The kids were quite impressed with their mad decorating skills. We sat them all down on the couch and had them get up, youngest to oldest and put on a decoration one at a time. Otherwise, this would be a picture of an upside-down tree with four children on top of it trying to tastefully attach the remaining shards of broken decorations. 
It actually worked pretty's good to remember how EXCITING Christmas and decorations are when you're 5 years old...Reminds me that we DO have a lot to be excited about and thankful for! 
Very determined 6-year old decorator. 
Success!! We are all prepared for some serious yuletiding now. Good job to our young decorating team! This, our stockings and our Little People Nativity Scene is the extent of our Christmas decorating this year. All the decorating took a grinch-like grand total of 40 minutes. Maybe we'll get more elaborate next year.

And yes, mom and dad may have helped a tiny bit...Merry Christmas!!

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