Monday, December 30, 2013


It's time to say goodbye to our South Pacific island home for a we have been trying to soak up as many 'lasts' as we can...Swimming outside on our back porch in December...definitely a 'Last' for some time...
December sunbathing...enjoying it while we can.
Blowing bubbles! A good end of December activity...
Boxing in an open-air gym with one of my best friends here....gonna miss the punching and kicking but I'm REALLY gonna miss her!
And riding our dog one last time...the kids are quite sad that Bear is not making the trip to the States with us.
And eating some fave foods---the kids love Jollibee...the local version of McDonald's. When you're not ordering the burger, you can also get rice. And sometimes, our kids do.
Yes, definitely worth smiling about.
I had kinilaw twice this last week--my favorite food here. It's the Filipino version of cerviche, and really good.
Saying goodbye to friends--- I have known Ate Nesing since I was a little kid...when she worked for our family.
Leif has heard fresh pineapples (his fave fruit) aren't quite as plentiful over in Midwestern America...
 We also went out to the 'fanciest' restaurant in town one last time. The kids requested it.
It's hard to say goodbye to our home--even though we're excited to see family and friends in the States...Doing some 'Lasts' together makes for good memories for us and the kids--and helps to ease the transition. We're also looking forward to doing some 'Firsts' as we get back to the States...since 3 of our kids have never played in snow, and many, many other firsts will be coming up for them...and us.

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