Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Through the Years

Sometimes, it's fun to take a quick look back at Christmas Past. It can make Christmas Present more fun as we realize how MUCH these kiddos have grown, and also gives us some anticipation-- As they keep on growing and we move on to Christmas Future!
2007...Asia's 1st Christmas
Don't have a picture...but this is the year that the tradition of sleeping under the Christmas tree began....then...
2008...Leif & Slater's 1st Christmas.
The boys were newborns...and apparently I have zero pictures from their 1st Christmas...hahaha
I laugh...because I really don't remember the first 6 or so months of their life...
Anyway...I think that picture of the 3 of them is from Christmas Eve...but I'm not was around then...  haha
That's daddy and Asia hammming it up as they get ready to once again sleep under the Christmas tree...
2009...1st Christmas in Manila, Philippines...the boys had just turned one year old.
Sleeping "under" the Christmas tree in Manila. Hey, 3 pack-n-plays are hard to get anywhere near that little tree.
2010-- Skye's first Christmas...still in Manila.

 The Fantastic Four....
2011...1st Christmas in Mindanao...
We had just moved into this house 2 days before...I only hung the stockings...and we got a little "tree" that Asia sort of decorated....
2012...everyone starting to get a little more Christmas "aware" and realizing that presents are a good thing!
Still 2012...Also known as the year we declared that we would NEVER sleep under the Christmas tree again!!!
And, 2013...our 5th Christmas in the Philippines...The kids had a blast, and according to them, got exactly what they wanted...and as we look at this picture, we did mommy and daddy. Four happy healthy kiddos is about  as good as it gets for Christmas gifts.

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