Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 9: Superglue

I heard a scream and my 5-year old boy walked into the kitchen and leaned over. Blood gushed out of a puncture in his head, making a small red puddle on the floor.

I applied pressure quickly with a towel, and we got him calmed down. All we can figure is that he managed to bash his forehead against the pointed corner of the tile stair in our house, because it was small but deep.

This is one of those missionary days when desperate times call for desperate measures. There are people who say you shouldn't do this, but there are also many moms of young boys who swear by it. 

We pulled out the superglue. 
He was a really brave little trooper. While mommy held him and held the wound together, daddy applied the glue. It held. So, instead of ending up with stitches in his little forehead, he got glued back together.

Two days later, it's looking pretty good and seems to be healing well.

So today, we are thankful for: SUPER GLUE!

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