Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 6: Sunshine

I am sooo very thankful for sunshine.  As we have mentioned tends to rain here...A LOT.  So, I don't take sunshine for granted...  I love it and am sooo very thankful for it.

My kids kind of think I'm crazy sometimes...ok, well, maybe ALL the time...  But, when it's not raining...I require play to be in...  You're hot and want to go in way. It is not raining...we stay outside. Get a drink, stay hydrated, and stop whining about being dizzy and saying you think you have heat stroke. You live in the tropics kid, you better get used to it now. Ok, we're not that mean, but, you know.

I am super thankful that we spent a couple of hours outside this AM...because a huge typhoon is headed our way...on Friday.
We probaby won't get a direct hit by this typhoon, but, as usual, we are gonna get wet. Really, really wet.

Thank God for sunshine.

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