Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 30: The Stache

I "mustache" you a question....
I'm super, super thankful that it's the last day of November...
As you have probably noticed by now...Brian has been participating in "No Shave November"(Movember)...whatever you want to call it.  
And I'm thankful it's the last day of the month...because it means that Brian can finally shave off all that facial hair.  YUCK!  haha  We've been married for over 10 years and this is the first time that he has grown his facial hair...and I'm pretty sure that it'll be the last...  haha
Anyway...we had a bit of fun with it today...So, ENJOY.  
People have asked me what I thought about it... first thought was..."It's not as grey as I thought it was going to be..."  haha
I don't like it & neither does, it all works out...
The thing that really made us that he has a large bald patch between his beard and his sideburns on both sides. haha
The other thing that made me laugh was that my darling husband was convinced that he looked sooo much cooler with his sunglasses on.  haha  Seriously...laughing as I write this...  I really love that he's such a good sport and takes my teasing sooo well...
He shave the sides off until he had just the mustache and goatee...the funniest part...he was like that for hours...and THE KIDS NEVER NOTICED!
 Next, he came out like this...  YIKES!  And, lots of this time the kids had caught on...
 And then, this... DOUBLE YIKES!  CREEPY!  haha
And finally...Awww...There's my dear husband that I love and adore!  haha

Anyway..Thankful that it's the last day of the, that Brian could shave.
And, thanks to Bri for shaving all that off today.
By the way...I'm thinking of getting you back by not shaving all winter.  Love ya!  hahaha

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