Thursday, November 28, 2013

Day 28: Thanksgiving

So today of course, we are thankful for American Thanksgiving. And, our little Pilgrims and Native Americans had a great time celebrating together. 
The kids did all kinds of crafts---Everything from cut-out turkeys to pictures to cornucopias. 
And, we all enjoyed some pumpkin pie! (Well, squash pie, but mommy is the ingredient substitution tasted great) We had a super simple Thanksgiving at home this year....pumpkin penne pasta and a roasted chicken...Brooke says what she was thankful for was a nearly stress-free turkey day. Mostly because there was very little cooking, no turkey, and a much more relaxing day than Thanksgiving normally is. It's the first low-key Thanksgiving we've had in years....usually we have invited a lot of people to celebrate with us, which is wonderful, but it was kind of nice to take it easy for once.
The kids got even more into the spirit with some cool Thanksgiving props... 
They had so much fun they didn't even realize all the football games they were missing. We substituted all that by re-watching our Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade dvd that was taped in 2010. The kids still love it every year, but we're thinking taping a new parade might be nice.

And, the following pictures of our little pilgrims and Native Americans are what we are really thankful for--four happy healthy kiddos who drive us crazy every day, but fill our lives with fun too...sometimes more fun than we can handle. 

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