Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 24: Leif

Leif...he's our class clown/tough guy/dog whisperer. He always loves to make people laugh, but he understands the need for big muscles too.
He's probably either flying to outer space or going to the grocery store in this picture...but we may never know.
The Kryptonite that can stop our young superman has not yet been discovered.
He absolutely LOVES pineapple! For some reason, it's also his favorite answer to any question. As in, Brooke asked him tonight during their Bible story: "Who was it that walked on the water?" 

Leif: "Pineapple!!" 

Oh dear.
He has also been doing a lot of dog whispering lately...and making sure that our dog Bear (who weighs considerably more than Leif does) knows that Leif is definitely the Alpha in this particular dog-human relationship. Bear seems to be getting the message. 
Yup, poor dog. But Leif gives him a lot of lovin' too....a boy and his dog is a beautiful thing.

Good job Leif.
Good dog Bear.

We love you Leif and we are soo thankful for you!!

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