Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 19: Skye

Well, today we are extremely thankful for our little ballerina/princess/pirate, Skye.
She also loves to be Ladybug Girl, and these days, she just loves to talk,talk, talk. All the time. One of her more recent comments, which was blurted out rapidly in one dramatic breath: "Mom, I need pixie dust! Can you get me pixie dust for my birthday?!? I need pixie dust so I can fly!"
If you're not sure what she's doing, she informed mommy, "I'm the captain of the dinghy!" 
She likes to play pirate, but she also loves to wear pretty dresses and pose for the camera.
It's always good to get a few more fashion tips from Fancy Nancy...
And, when she's done being fancy with Nancy, she is always up for a few more laps around our back porch on her pink tricycle that can really move if you pedal fast enough.

We are so thankful for our little princess Skye...She is a handful but she is a lot of fun!

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