Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 17: The Little Microwave

The words of a song that I don't know are running through my head right now, saying something like: "You don't know what you've got until it's gone."

That is how I am feeling I say au revoir to our microwave. It did a great job for four years. But like most things that do a great job and don't take up much space and keep reasonably don't notice how wonderful they are until they start shooting sparks and threaten to start a fire.

I've already wanted to use the silly thing multiple times today, and there's not going to be a fix for it, so it means we're going to be a radiation-free zone until we return to the USA.

It's just not worth investing in a new microwave that we will use for just over 2 months. So, I am trying to go back and figure out how we heated up leftovers and other such things back in the days when we didn't have microwaves or internet or...or anything.

Wow. It's a handy little device. And I will not take microwaves for granted again. Ever. Or at least until I've had one again for at least a week or so.

R.I.P., my little electronic time-saver. We really did appreciate you. And we miss you. Lots.

Sometimes it's the little things that we forget to be thankful for. And little microwave, we're thankful we had you! We will miss you.

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