Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 16: MuayThai/Boxing

Today I am sooo thankful for MuayThai.  Not only is it incredible fact, I think it is the hardest sport I have ever played and best workout that I have ever done!  

But more than that...because of MuayThai...I have been able to meet and befriend some amazing people!  As we have bruised, sweated and bled together...we have shared many laughs, joys and triumphs.  They have taught me Visayan  language and culture and made me feel welcomed in the incredible Filipino way.
One of the very first things that we did together outside of Saturday training was watch a MuayThai coach was the organizer and my other coach fought.  I was able to meet a Philippine National Champion.
My two coaches...being per usual.
Last year we had an awesome Christmas party together! 
My two coaches, my amazing friend Dr. Briones and I went to a MuayThai Challenge in Subic...One of my coaches and the Dra competed.  We were able to meet several fighters and coaches from the Philippine National Team.
 My coach, Ninyo was able to do some sessions at our house...and the kids really love Kuya Master!
 Saturday AM...Soooo worth getting up at the butt crack of dawn to work out with these friends!
Our old Thursday afternoon session!
 The Dra & I with coaches and members of the Philippine National Team...when they came to our town!
Some of us ladies at another MuayThai Exhibition.
Our group has changed over time...people have come and gone...  Lately, we have been practicing Boxing while our MuayThai coaches have been too busy to train us.  So, we've met some new coaches...and they have been punishing pushing us in ways we didn't think possible.  They laugh as they try to teach us new combinations...and we try to learn a new style of fighting.

Anyway...Despite the bruises, aching muscles and utter exhaustion...I am super thankful for MuayThai/Boxing and for the incredible friends who have bruised, ached and been exhausted at my side!

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