Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 14: 2,000 feet.

Have you ever thanked God for altitude?

Well, if you haven't, it's probably because you've never lived in a city at sea level a few degrees off the equator.

We used to.

On good days, it was hot. On bad days, it felt like we were living in a sauna, and somebody had just poured water on the rocks.

There are plenty of good things about where we used to live. But in our opinion, the sweltering heat+humidity was not one of them.

That is why, in our present location, we are extremely thankful for our altitude. It's amazing how distance makes a difference when it's straight up. If you're on a race track, 2,000 feet is less than two laps. It doesn't seem very far.

But when that's your altitude, those 2,000 feet of elevation make all the difference in the world.

It means that today, our high temperature was 81 degrees F, and our low was 64.

Where we used to live, today the high was 87 degree F and the low was 77.

May not seem earth-shattering, but our mountain home has a climate that is just COMFORTABLE, and we love it.

Ok, I'm thankful.

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