Saturday, November 9, 2013

Action Jackson

What's the best way to learn about famous artists?  Paint like them of course.  Since we already tried sculpting soap for Michelangelo and painting like Monet...(well, sort of like Monet) we definitely had to try painting like Pollock.
For the two of you who don't remember, Jackson Pollock was an Abstract Expressionism artist, or as he like to call his work: "Action Painting." So, we put on our smocks, got some paint and utensils, and started throwing down some art. And yes, the kids loved it. They should remember Jackson Pollock forever now.
However, we have one very particular young lady who refused to throw paint. She explained to us that she could not do such a thing. She had to paint with a brush on the canvas, and could not bring herself to whip paint at the canvas. She still had fun.
Hmm...we definitely learned that Painting like Pollock is much harder than it looks. It was sure fun to see how all of the textures come out in the painting. And, getting covered with paint while splattering it all over the canvas sure made for a fun art class.
And of course, we finished it off by once again reading our short history of Mr. Pollock. The kids are definitely hoping that if we can go to an art museum in America, there will be a few splattered  Pollocksian masterpieces somewhere on the walls. 

Note from Brooke:  This was honestly not the best plan I have ever had as a mom.  haha  Sure it seemed like a good idea at first...and I had planned to do it when Brian was available to help me...but he got called away...and I went ahead and did it anyway...  It started out great...but then, 2 little boys who shall remain nameless...really got into the paint slinging...using the little pots of paint...not just the paint brushes...   If I ever did this again...I would definitely give each of them their own canvas...since the 2 little boys also end up mixing ALL the colors together so that our canvas ended up as one color.  Also, make sure you NEVER do this on the day the grass has been cut...  We had a very textured canvas from all the grass clippings... And last but not took me over an hour to scrub all the paint/grass off of their bodies...and my shower was covered in dirt, grass and paint when I was finished.  Anyway...I guess it was all worth it...because I'm pretty sure the kids will NEVER forget who Action Jackson was.

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