Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Transformer 5th Birthday

It was the big 5.0 for the twins today! We started out with a pancake breakfast (their request).  Then, we were able to talk to both sets of grandparents, and even got to talk a bit to Brian's Uncle Dave and Aunt Barb, who happened to be visiting his folks. It was fun to hear some birthday greetings from around the world!

We were almost ready to go to church, but when we went outside we discovered that Bear had a HUGE cut on his face requiring multiple(8) stitches. So, we called the vet and ended up having to stay home to take care of him. That changed our plans, but we still had a really special birthday. Poor Bear. He has been stumbling around all day, as the anesthetic takes quite a while to completely wear off.
For lunch the boys requested Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and a picnic outside. It looked like it wouldn't work out, because we couldn't find the cheese. But, just two days before their birthday, we found some cheese that would work. Everyone was pretty excited about that.
After rest time it was family party time, complete with Transformer cakes and yummy ice cream.  They wanted toys on their birthday cakes.
And I had to ask the Tiegs birthday question:  "How does it feel to be  _____(whatever age you are)?" And, there were a few minutes left over for cuddle time. You have to grab those moments whenever you can. When they turn five, you know the cuddle clock is ticking. Soon, it'll be, "aaaww, mom, somebody'll see you hugging me! How embarrassing!" Sigh.
And, for the boys, the highlight of the day was Legos. They got some cool new sets and played quietly and intently with them for most of the afternoon. The best part: they can pretty much figure out how to follow the assembly directions all on their own now. Just another perk of being five years old.

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